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Aug 2014 11

Wed the World Travel Lessons: The 10 Greatest Things I’ve Done Traveling in 30+ years

As posted on our travel blog, Wed the World - Travel Lessons: The 10 Greatest Things I’ve Done Traveling in 30+ years

May 2013 17

An Open Letter to my Fellow Travelers

I want you to close your eyes for a second, for me, and think of the first time you traveled to a far away place. Whether by yourself...

Feb 2013 11

Choosing Family and Choosing Love – a Tribute to Grandpa Gene

I know a lot of us have chosen family - especially through marriage and adoption (and my Grandparents selflessly did that too). My family has had the unique...

May 2012 25

Confessions of a Broken Heart: XXX Exposed

What I realize is that love is the most important area in all ours lives, and some of us don't really talk about how we honestly feel about...

Mar 2012 13

The Long Lost Child of Vietnam

I've talked about making the pilgrimage back to Vietnam my whole life - something I have always dreamt about, and nothing I could do to prepare myself for....

Dec 2010 22

The Journey of Giving – Conclusion of My 29 Gifts in 29 Days

This project was incredible, not just to realize what life is like when your focus every day is making someone else's day, but that you realize some of...

Mar 2010 9

I’m Sorrowful

"As life goes on, I start to learn more and more about responsibility, And I learn that the things that I've done affect the people around me. I...

Oct 2008 8

Blogging – the new past time

So I’ve been blogging since 2005 but never took it seriously – mostly, because I enjoy the look and feel of a handwritten page in my journal. But...

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