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Jan 2015 24

2014: Top 10 Events & Lessons Learned

2014 was a huge year. When I deemed it the year of "New Adventures in Life and Love", even though a lot of it was planned thoroughly I...

Dec 2014 1

It’s That Time Again: 29 Gifts in 29 Days

    It’s officially December which means things (aka mostly life) is about to get cccrrrazzzyyy here. I’m just popping in for a second to let you know...

Jan 2014 1

2013 – My Top 10 Events and Inspirational People

To look back at the past 5 years, and to spend this year feeling like I was given a second chance to do it right - the way...

Feb 2013 11

Choosing Family and Choosing Love – a Tribute to Grandpa Gene

I know a lot of us have chosen family - especially through marriage and adoption (and my Grandparents selflessly did that too). My family has had the unique...

Jan 2013 23

2012: My Top 10 List of Events + Most Impactful People

"My Journey Home" - What I learned this year was more about the notion of what home really is and how important it is to build a strong...

May 2012 25

Confessions of a Broken Heart: XXX Exposed

What I realize is that love is the most important area in all ours lives, and some of us don't really talk about how we honestly feel about...

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