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Jan 2015 24

2014: Top 10 Events & Lessons Learned

2014 was a huge year. When I deemed it the year of "New Adventures in Life and Love", even though a lot of it was planned thoroughly I...

Dec 2014 1

It’s That Time Again: 29 Gifts in 29 Days

    It’s officially December which means things (aka mostly life) is about to get cccrrrazzzyyy here. I’m just popping in for a second to let you know...

Jan 2014 1

2013 – My Top 10 Events and Inspirational People

To look back at the past 5 years, and to spend this year feeling like I was given a second chance to do it right - the way...

Feb 2013 11

Choosing Family and Choosing Love – a Tribute to Grandpa Gene

I know a lot of us have chosen family - especially through marriage and adoption (and my Grandparents selflessly did that too). My family has had the unique...

Jan 2013 23

2012: My Top 10 List of Events + Most Impactful People

"My Journey Home" - What I learned this year was more about the notion of what home really is and how important it is to build a strong...

May 2012 25

Confessions of a Broken Heart: XXX Exposed

What I realize is that love is the most important area in all ours lives, and some of us don't really talk about how we honestly feel about...

Mar 2012 13

The Long Lost Child of Vietnam

I've talked about making the pilgrimage back to Vietnam my whole life - something I have always dreamt about, and nothing I could do to prepare myself for....

Jan 2012 27

2011: My Top 10 List of Events / Lessons Learned + Most Impactful People

2011 was by far one of the most life changing years I have had to date - and I am convinced will be so of my lifetime. All...

Aug 2011 31

Why I Quit My Job

There is a big difference between what is seen as appropriate for your life, and what is right for your life. These are all the things that are...

Jan 2011 5

2010: My Top 10 List of Events / Lessons Learned + Top 10 Impactful People

2010 was one of the best years I've had yet. I experienced soaring highs, and torrential lows but with one thing remaining constant – everything in my life...

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